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  • We design and produce
    and protection systems

Packaging for transporting components

We develop systems to properly prepare and package all kinds of automotive components so they can be transported. In doing so, complete engines and their various components, parts, machined pieces, spare parts, etc. can be transported, stored and distributed practically and safely, ensuring they remain intact throughout all the stages of the supply chain.

  • Trays and boxes for transport.
  • Single-use trays.
  • All types of blisters.
  • Solutions with Corex: boxes and trolleys in production lines
  • Injection for boxes using EPP and EPS.
  • Inserts and dividers for all kinds of boxes with Corex, PU, ABS, PC.
  • Protection for bodywork and chassis.

Embalajes para el transporte de componentes
Embalajes para el transporte de componentes

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